About Us

Money talks. We Listen.


Since 2012, Viola Money has expanded from its original offices in the UK to locations across the world, including the USA, Dubai, Austria and India.

 During this time, we’ve gained a wealth of experience in a variety of diverse marketplaces; listening to customers across the world to provide tailored financial products for people from all walks of life.

Wherever they are in the world, we protect our customers, helping them make saving, spending and sending their money smarter, safer and more straightforward.

Just ask the 250,000 people globally that are powered by Viola Money.

Your money is always safe with Viola Money.

At Viola Money, we believe that financial services should be a necessity, not a privilege.

Our team of financial experts have, collectively, been working within the financial industry for 100 years.
And, during this time, we’ve learnt first-hand that money management can be complicated.

Which is why we’ve created a suite of products that help make it simple.

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